The Club members meet every week on Saturdays to conduct regular meetings.  The meetings are joined by enthusiastic guests and prospective members of the club.  A typical meet lasts for one and half hours.  Peer learning happens through members taking up different roles during the meet which are as follows


The purpose of the Ah-Counter is to note any overused words or filler sounds.


The Grammarian helps club members improve their grammar and vocabulary.


A Timer is responsible for monitoring the time of meeting segments and speakers.

Toastmaster of the day

The Toastmaster is a meeting’s director and host.

Table Topics master

The Topics master delivers the Table Topics portion of the meeting.

Meeting Speaker

Every speaker is a role model and club members learn from one another’s speeches.

Table Topics Speaker

Table Topics helps members develop their impromptu speaking skills.


Evaluators provide verbal and written feedback to meeting speakers.

General Evaluator

The General Evaluator evaluates everything that takes place during the club meeting.