SEASON 3-2018

  Venue Sponsors: Invesco

  Media Partner: PIXLIKE Creative Works

 Media Partner: PIXLIKE Creative Works

Venue Sponsors in Vijayawada: PSCMR College of Engineering & Technology

Press Release:

On July 5th 2018, Film director, music director, screenwriter, dialogue writer, actor, television presenter Srinivas Avasarala released the poster showed his support towards Master Orator Championship 2018!  Along with DCP of Hyderabad Traffic Police Mr. LS Chauhan. Some of the veterans Toastmasters from E, F, G, H also participated in that event.

MOC Season 3 at PSCMR College of Engineering & Technology

In 2018  MOC Season 3 qualifiers  round in Vijayawada region  was hosted by PSCMR College of Engineering & Technology on 28th July 2018.

In this contest 223 members have registered and actively participated . From our college nearly 189 students participated from various Technical branches and Managemant  Studies. 54 students from the surroundings of PSCMR college in the range of Vijayaeada have participated actively in this contest. Out of those we got some interesting registrations from the  colleges like VR  SIddartha, PVP Siddartha, PB Siddartha, Layola, Lingayas, KL University, NRI and SRK .

For this Contest some  veterans Toastmaters like TM Lahari, TM Sasi, TM Viswanath, TM Jagadish and TM Priyanka  from E,F,G & H divisions acted as the judges.

The winners of qualifiers for MOC Season 2 from PSCMR College of Engineering & Technology are:

     1) Shaik Gouse Mohiuddin

     2) Vijaya Raasi

     3) Chandini

     4) Shazia